Outdoor adventures

Big Brother is camping with my parents and sister this weekend. It’s his first camping trip away from us, and I hope the first night went well! We will be visiting with them once hubby gets out of work, and I’m really looking forward to some time in the forest. It’s so recharging to get out among the trees and just breathe in the air. I was happy to see that my little guy had already ditched his shoes to enjoy some barefoot time as I was saying goodbye yesterday.

I made some special treats for the campers to share and enjoy; from one of my favorite cookbooks (by Danielle Walker of the blog Against All Grain), I made sunflower seed butter cookies that are made to taste remarkably like peanut butter cookies, and “n’oatmeal raisin cookies”, which are similar in flavor and texture to oatmeal raisin cookies. I wanted to provide something tasty and treat-like since little guy doesn’t do wheat or refined sugar (and therefore no s’mores). The result of not giving him sugar-heavy things to eat is that he really likes lighter, healthier options that I know won’t set him into a bad mood after a sugar-high crash. Everybody wins!

Hopefully it will be nice enough to enjoy a short hike when we visit – it’s been very humid with the heat this week. My mom has an essential oil blend she mixed up to help ward off annoyances, and I’ve got my own little spray bottle of it as well. Here’s the recipe!


Little Brother and I are getting ready for today’s visit now; we need to pick up a couple of things that were forgotten by the campers in the packing craziness. (That always happens, doesn’t it?) I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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