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Big Brother requested waffles this morning, which I was happy to make with something from our latest Essential Rewards shipment: Young Living’s new Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle mix. I’m also dairy-free right now as Little Brother can’t tolerate it in my breast milk, so I had to use water (fresh out of alternatives)…they came out tasty, but very airy. I like a slightly more dense waffle, so I’ll try them as pancakes tomorrow and see if that works out better. I may have to get some coconut milk for waffles.

The floor is fixed. No more evil sharp surprises lurking in the carpet seams, waiting to stab my sweet children’s hands and feet. What a relief!  It was a dreary day today, and our afternoon was made more enjoyable by a playdate with our favorite neighbors. The boys were able to play and socialize while we mamas did some socializing of our own.

Now it’s bedtime and I’m looking forward to some time with my husband, but Little Brother is uncharacteristically awake. Time to diffuse some Peace and Calming and rub a drop of Lavender on his  lovely little toes.


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