Part two: my oil journey


It took me surprisingly long to discover essential oils, considering my usual method of alternative first, conventional last. When I stumbled upon a blog that discussed essential oils as well as several topics near to my heart, my attention was finally captured. (That specific blog is no longer in publication.) After a few months of research and hesitating because I don’t like to make rash decisions, I ordered my starter kit…and quickly realized that I had made an excellent choice.

I found many uses for the oils, and noticed that they were very effective. Soon, I was making my own moisturizer and exfoliants, and cleaning without worrying about Big Brother inhaling toxic fumes. I got a nice reference book (which I use to this day) and began reading more in depth about not just the oils, but the other products Young Living offered.

About six months after getting started, I was able to put my new tools to the test: my husband got sick. He hadn’t been using them proactively like I had been, and work was getting him pretty run down. As I mentioned, I was already using oils to keep myself and Big Brother well, so I just added some extra support for us before addressing the needs of hubby. For him, I made some capsules and a special tea, I applied to his feet and chest, and got the diffuser going. That last measure was really for all three of us. Within three days, hubby was back up and running and Big Brother and I had avoided the disaster entirely. I was impressed.

A year and a half into our journey, my family has now incorporated essential oils into nearly all facets of our lives: bath time and body care, cooking (yum!), wellness maintenance, cleaning, and just keeping our home smelling wonderful. I even used some oils to support myself during the birth of Little Brother.

My love for these oils and products is so big that I just want to share them with everyone! I want everyone I know to feel the empowerment of actually caring for themselves by supporting their bodies in a state of health. I want people to keep their homes clean without resorting to harsh chemicals and nasty synthetics that can harm not only their health, but the environment as well.

To our good health!


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